Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bulchan- A Burmese recipe

...dedicated to my mom 
1]Dry fish-250 gm [fleshy with bones]
2]Garlic pods-100 gm
3]Red chilly-20
4] coconut oil-3tbsp

Soak the dry fish in water for 15 mts,clean well and don't remove the bones.Strain the fish and crush it. Keep aside.
Soak the red chilly in little water for 10 mts.Crush the chilly and garlic separate and keep aside.

In the pan add coconut oil and then saut crushed garlic pods until it becomes slight brown,then add crushed chilly and finally the crushed dry fish.Saute it in a low flame until the fish becomes crispy. Let it cool.put in a bottle and can use for months..

(By:Geethu Elsa Mathews)

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