Sunday, 30 October 2011


The dish can well be called the emperor of Deepavali sweets, for its rich taste. It is more in the genre of halwa. “It is popular in the delta region particularly in the Thiruvaiyaru , Tanjore area. It just melts in your mouth and the taste lingers on,”

What goes in:

Green gram (moong dal): 500 gm; Milk powder, maida and wheat flour: 200 gm each;

Sugar: One kg; Kesar powder: (for colouring); Ghee: 750 gm; Cashew nuts: Five to 20

How to make:

Roast wheat and maida flour in little ghee till it turns light brown and kept it aside. Prepare sugar syrup and keep it ready. Steam-cook the moong dal and mash it well. Transfer the moong dal, roasted wheat and maida flour in a thick vessel and pour little ghee. Now add the sugar syrup, ghee and stir continuously till the ghee melts. At this stage add milk powder and kesar powder. The mixture now starts to thicken. Cook well until the mixture reaches the consistency of tomato puree. Roast the cashew nuts in ghee and garnish the dish.

(By :Majid Hussain)

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