Sunday, 30 October 2011



• 1/2 kg Rice
• 300 gm Jaggery
• Oil for frying

How to make Adhirasam:

• Soak rice in water for half an hour.
• Spread it on a large cloth or newspaper for half an hour.
• When it is three fourth dried, put it in a mixie and powder it.
• Dissolve jaggery in enough water and mix well.
• Put this on heat.
• Cook it until the jaggery syrup becomes thick like a paste.
• Combine this syrup with the powdered rice and mix well to make dough.
• Cover it and leave it for about 8 hours.
• Take 2 cups of oil and heat it.
• Make a ball of out of the dough on a plastic sheet and flatten it by hand.
• Fry in oil until it becomes golden brown on both sides

(By:Santhosh Mohanan)

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